Enthusiastic Opening

We had a lovely warm and enthusiastic opening Thursday evening, despite the rain. Here are some pictures…

RECURSIVE Opening, Photo: J.Boyer

Photo: J.Boyer

RECURSIVE Opening, Photo: P. Senelaer

Photo: P. Senelaer

RECURSIVE Opening, Photo: J. Boyer

Photo: J. Boyer

Thanks to everyone who came!


Art Pie Open Call Results

What a lot of fun this has been! Thanks to Art Pie for coordinating the open call and our sincere thanks to all the artists who entered. Our special thanks to everyone who participated in the online voting. All of the artworks entered for the open call will be displayed within the RECURSIVE exhibition at No Format Gallery, 9 Oct to 2 Nov 2014. We hope you’ll join us for the opening 9 Oct, 6-8pm.

Here are the results:

First Place

Mangalyaan Orbiter #2 by Lizy Bending

(c) Lizy Bending

Second Place

123.3 by Maddie Wheeler

(c) Maddie Wheeler

Third Place

Everything is a continuation of everything else by Audit Chaos

(c) Audit Chaos

Curator’s Choice

Horizontal IV by Gemma Cossey

(c) Gemma Cossey

The entries we received were of a very high quality and it was not easy to settle on a single piece for Curator’s Choice. I was particularly delighted by the range of interpretations on ‘Repetition’ we received. I enjoyed the humour in Sintija Vikmane’s Deaf Shakespeare, “The guy doesn’t even have ears anymore, so constant repetition is needed,” and the implied repetition of sight and sound in Julia Russel’s Muse on the Thames series and Dale Wilson’s Two Minutes Fifty One Seconds series. Dale’s precision in working with audio cassette tape to create geometrical pattern and depth is quite amazing. I also was attracted by Planting by Theo Wood and his creation of space and texture in the work. However, ultimately my choice was for Gemma Cossey’s Horizontal IV because of the visual manifestation of her working method and rules which, for me, illustrate the nature of recursion and thus the concept of repetition most related to the exhibition premise. Thanks again to you all!

Art Pie Open Call Competition


Deadline for Entries: 7 Aug 2014

Art Pie Competition Screen Shot

We are delighted to host the Art Pie Open Call Competition, organised by our media sponsor Art Pie. Just click on the image above to go to Art Pie Shows, then click on the Call to Artists button to find all the details. We’ll be presenting 100 A5 sized winning works on the theme of ‘repetition’ within the RECURSIVE show.

Show us your idea of repetition and take part in the RECURSIVE exhibition!

See some of the great entries so far…

(c) 2014 Marion Michell (c) Dale Wilson (c) Takayuki Hara (c) Maddie Wheeler (c) Lizy Bending (c) Emma Bennett (c) Gemma Cossey