Here are some mentions we’ve received in the press:

28 Oct 2014

an Reviews


“Style is meaning, technique, a visceral thing, thought through nerve endings, turning the spanner, sewing the portrait, forming the clay, touching the canvas, making the mark, seeing the light.

3 Oct 2014

The Crawford Arts Review

Introducing Hitomi Kammai

“Every so often I come across an artist whose work I immediately admire, whose artistic progress I immediately recognize as significant.”

 3 Oct 2014

Bad at Sports

Repetition ain’t what it used to be

“Eat, Sleep, Repeat: there’s a meme doing the rounds all about repetition. As philosophies go, it’s a little simplistic, suggesting nothing so much as a kind of nihilistic stoicism. So if you want the antidote, consider the next show due to open at No Format Gallery.”

 11 Sept 2014

Frame and Reference


“Earlier this year, artist and curator Jane Boyer visited former Platform Graduate Award nominee 2012 Marion Piper at Angelika Studios in High Wycombe where she first saw her institutional flyer works. In the following feature Jane discusses the appeal of Marion’s work drawing on Frame and Reference flyers which can be seen in the group show RECURSIVE opening on 9 October in London.”

 24 July 2014

Jackson’s Art Blog

49 UK Based Art Opportunities!

14. Recursive and Art Pie Open Call, London

 10 July 2014

Collage Magazine

friday’s notes are written like a girl

“Artist Jane Boyer, who created a fantastic art experience last year with the exhibition This Me of Mine, has started a new project Recursive. “We don’t repeat because we repress, we repress because we repeat.” Intrigued?  We’ll come back to it as it develops but for the moment go and explore the website.”


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