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Curated by Jane Boyer

Exhibition, RECURSIVE, places the internal thought process at centre stage.

“We don’t repeat because we repress, we repress because we repeat.”
Gilles Deleuze

LONDON – 13 June 2014 – Sometimes we become trapped in a recursive struggle with our history – reliving a past, which cannot be relived, trying to forge a future that will not be determined. But it is this very act of contemplating a history, which brings the self into being. Curator, Jane Boyer, presents an exhibition at No Format Gallery, which looks at this act of contemplating a history. Invited to curate by exhibiting artist, Hitomi Kammai, Boyer has pulled together five artists whose work shows visible evidence of this thought process. Interestingly, the works in the show are not necessarily about this subject, but they’ve been chosen because the background thoughts of the artists are visible in the work. “This presents an unusual premise for an exhibition, in that, the show is not about the work or the artists primarily, but about the underlying thoughts of the artists which are present in their artworks,” says Boyer.

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be two discussion events. Dr. Angela Fell, a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist with extensive experience working with artists, will discuss how past experience pushes its way into the present. Also an artists/curator discussion will explore the works on view and some of the experiences involved in making them.

Exhibiting artists: Hitomi Kammai, Ant Pearce, Susan Francis, Simon Fell, and Jane Boyer.

Hitomi Kammai, born in Japan, started painting at age 4. Hitomi wants her work to entice people to explore the universe of the artificial, as she experienced in Tokyo, and discover the poetry in humanity. She moved to London in 2010. She has exhibited internationally in many cities including, Tokyo, London, Paris, Lyon, Zhengzhou China and Sofia Bulgaria.

Ant Pearce lives and works in London. His practice focuses on the idea that man is condemned to exist imprisoned. Through his work he explores the ‘fragility’ of life, drawing on human psychology and the relationship between humans and the natural world.

Susan Francis, born in Belfast, she now lives in the south of England. Susan’s work is a constant enquiry, an incomplete sentence, a phrase articulated through materiality, object and space. Peering into the unspoken corners of our condition, she traverses a landscape, which shifts beneath us as the domestic enclave is infiltrated by a digitally connected world.

Simon Fell splits his time between London and Brighton. He works with ceramics and drawing, which he uses to look at the contradictions and complexity of being a male artist taking a handmade approach in the 21st century. Through materials like clay and charcoal he considers how such tactile work can co-exist and work with digital media and contemporary culture as a whole.

Jane Boyer is a recent Arts Council England grant recipient. She curated and presented the UK touring project, This ‘Me’ of Mine last year. Jane’s research interest lies in exploring the effects of context on the self. Her current artwork looks at the relationship between simulacrum and autobiography. Boyer splits her time between France and the UK.

Contact: Jane Boyer
Email: Jane[at]
Mob: +33 661294702
Tel: +33 546704225

Exhibition Dates: 9 Oct to 2 Nov, 2014
Opening: 9 Oct, 6 to 9pm
Gallery Hours: Thurs to Sun, 11am – 6pm

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Address: Second Floor Studios & Arts
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Dr Angela Fell Discussion: 12 October, starting at 2pm
Artists/Curator Discussion: 31 October, starting at 6pm
Discussions are FREE to the public

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