Artists/Curator Talk

In conjunction with SLAM Last Fridays, RECURSIVE will be open until 8:30pm. It’s also Halloween night – I’ll leave the contemplation of repetitive and recursive tendencies in this tradition to you!

Artists/ Curator Talks, starting at 6PM at No Format Gallery.

Join us for an informal discussion with the artists of RECURSIVE. We’ll discuss personal history as muse and they way these artists have used it to create their works in the show.

A series of marks, neither measured nor equidistant, (c)2011 Jane Boyer


Date: 31 Oct 2014

Time: Starts at 6pm GMT

Venue: No Format Gallery

Admission is FREE

Address: Second Floor Studios & Arts
Harrington Way (off Warspite Road)
SE18 5NR

Here is a short excerpt from our discussion that evening. Susan Francis talks about her work and the significance of titles:


100 Kids

On Friday, 24 October 2014, RECURSIVE is going to be transformed by the questions of 100 thirteen and fourteen year olds – OMG!

Greenwich Free School – Year 9 will be joining us as part of a tour around Second Floor Studios & Arts.

They’re on a one day visit to no format gallery, Thames Barrier Print Studio, the Education Space and one-on-one (well, one-on-100) professional visits to artists and makers studios.

I’m ready though. I think I know how to answer, ‘Wots that then?’

The question I had most today was, “Miss, I don’t know what to draw, what should I draw?”

It was a delight to watch these kids ponder the artworks. Sometimes they were utterly baffled, sometimes they simply enjoyed their own creativity, and at others they really engaged with the works, looking carefully as they drew. Speaking with one of the teachers, I learned that Greenwich Free School is a new school in its third year and they are just beginning to build an arts education programme. Today’s visit to RECURSIVE was their first experience of a white cube space.

The encouraging thing behind this story is the parents. The parents of Greenwich Free School wanted their children to receive education in the arts and so the school is working to meet their demand. The new east wing of the school, which houses the art studios, will open next year. Any child educator and good parent knows the importance of learning through sensory stimulation and broadened experience, this is what art in school provides. Today I saw some kids who felt self-conscious about their lack of drawing skills, but were curious about other issues related to art, like why some smudges were worth millions. Other kids were proud of the drawings they produced and this gave them confidence. Overwhelmingly, the task they enjoyed the most was working collaboratively to create a still life drawing. Each mark was their own mark in the bigger picture.

Here are some pictures from today…


GFS_student drawing_reduced

GFS_students 3_reduced GFS_student work 1_reduced

GFS_students 2_reduced

GFS_student work 3_reduced

Susan Francis at Fringe Arts Bath

ImageProxy_Fringe Arts Bath flyerSusan will be taking part in the upcoming Fringe Arts Bath festival, 23 May to 8 June 2014. Her work, ‘Night Vision’ will be part of the exhibition Nocturne, curated by Anna and Tim Holsgrove.

Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) is a small not-for-profit organisation that arranges a two-week programme of contemporary art exhibitions, events and workshops during Bath Fringe Festival in May/June each year.

Night Vision by Susan Francis:

‘Let the night teach us what we are, and the day what we should be’ – Thomas Tryon 1691

ACE funded work drawn from interviews with women of all ages on their experience of night. This piece was a true privilege to make as it contains many experiences that, until the videos making, had remained within the night alone. I am deeply grateful to the women who brought these into the day and shared them with me and for the many experiences that we chose to leave as the property of the night.

night vision 2 Night Vision (c) Susan Francis, still from video


‘Melted Moon’ at Hatched Gallery

Hitomi Kammai (c)2014 at The Other Art FairAfter a successful show at The Other Art Fair, Hitomi is having a solo exhibition at Hatched Gallery in London called MELTED MOON.

Melted Moon explores our relationship to the destructive within creativity. Her ‘dented’ or ‘crater’ paintings are the result of simultaneous destruction in her creative acts. For each stroke and gesture of her brush, the ground is bitten into and eaten away by the paint. These works are a response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster she witnessed from a distance, not knowing at the time, the fate of her family and friends in Japan.

Hitomi will also give a performance from 4pm on 18th May.

Performance: Rain, 15 mins
The combination of a live painting by Hitomi Kammai and a video by Yuko Yama. The painting is connected to a computer through sensorsĀ in order to produce sounds upon each drop of paint. The show will continue till 1st June.


Private View Sun 18th May, 2-6pm
18 May to 1 June

Hatched Gallery
Address: Southwark Studios
Rich House, 4th Floor,
40 Crimscott St, London, SE1 5TE

Please visit the Hatched Gallery website for more details:


Hitomi Kammai at The Other Art Fair

Girl 2, (c)Hitomi KammaiHitomi Kammai will be exhibiting at The Other Art Fair this weekend, 24 – 27 April.

At Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Road, NW1 5LS, this year’s fair had a most distinguished selection panel. Led by Tracey Emin, the panel included, artist, Charming Baker, gallerist and co-founder of The Future Can Wait, Zavier Ellis, and artist duo, Rob & Nicky Carter.

The show looks wonderful! If you’re planning on attending, be sure to stop by and say ‘hi’ to Hitomi.