Apple from UT series, (c)2005 Hitomi Kammai Ultra-blue from UT series, (c)2009 Hitomi Kammai


A series of pen and pencil drawings based on The Little Prince. Hitomi suggests that depending on one’s perspective, all cultures can seem strange and incomprehensible. We are the stranger just as we view others as strangers. Her Ultra-Terrestrials series presents a look at our future selves with the stranger within.

Ecstasy, (c)2010 Hitomi Kammai click the image to see excerpts from Ecstasy


A story of encounter, desire and love.
After eating an apple from the forbidden tree, Eve was banished from the garden and into this world because she had acquired wisdom.
She smells the rose and falls into a dream of ecstasy.

Hitomi was born to entrepreneur parents who gave her a name that is unique in the world. This instilled a sense of wonder and she began to paint at age 4 years old. Her life has been devoted to creativity ever since. She graduated from an art school in Japan and began to exhibit her works in Paris in 2002. She moved to London in 2010 and has been exhibiting internationally since 2002.

Artist Website


External Authority Series, (c)2013 Ant Pearce


Exploring Freud’s concepts of the Id, Ego and Super Ego, Ant creates thread drawings in pairs. The drawing on the left represents the ‘ego’, the familiar recognisable likeness. The two-part drawing on the right suggests the ‘id’ by the child-like schematic underlying the portrait, and the super-ego which is represented by the crossing lines, created by a combination of control and chance, conscious and subconscious, forming a cage like structure.

Longevity, (c)2013 Ant Pearce


The Longevity series explores man’s search for an eternal/extended life at whatever cost. Inspired by the exploitation of species, such as the Manta Ray, by traditional Chinese medicine. Ray gills are claimed to boost the immune system, cure cancer and promote fertility, to name just a few. However, none of these claims are supported by traditional Chinese medical texts or Western science.

Ant Pearce is an emerging British artist. He comes from a background in biochemistry and IT. He worked in the City of London as a senior business consultant for more than ten years before embarking on a life within the visual arts. After completing an intensive course at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, he enrolled in 2010 on the MA Visual Arts course at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London and graduated with ‘Merit’ in late 2012.

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Palace of Sham, (c)2012 Susan Francis


Susan extracts moments of time to create her artworks. This extraction allows for further ‘dissection’ of the moment and the elements contained in it. Stains play a significant role in her pieces and are visible throughout her work. She says, ” I am interested in these fleeting moments, mundane and transitory. Not with the emotional eye of the related, but with the detached gaze of the observer.”

A Private Matter, (c)2013 Susan Francis


A private moment, extracted, peeled and presented, like a layer of skin removed by the surgeon’s knife.

Susan is a Belfast born artist now living in South West England. She studied in Manchester and has a history of national and international exhibitions, residencies and awards following graduation, with work in public and private collections including the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Artist Website


Double Decker 2, (c)2013 Simon Fell


Through sculpture and drawing, Simon reflects on what it means to be a male artist in a diverse and fast evolving culture where masculine roles have changed much faster than the scripts that used to support them. His improvised approach to drawing is a way of accessing hidden and masked aspects of his own consciousness and the shared collective human mind.

Autobiography, (c)2009 Simon Fell


Word-play, child’s play and reminiscence.

The fact that pottery has found renewed importance as an art form has confirmed Simon’s beliefs in the communicative power of clay. Simon works in ceramics making sculptural works of earthenware and mixed media. His figures, installations and assemblages are based on hand modelling and slab building and is sometimes finished with slips and glazed. He also works with drawing, mainly in charcoal and watercolour on paper.

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A series of marks, neither measured nor equidistant, (c)2011 Jane Boyer


Using conceptual ‘rules’ and a pun on Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings, this work explores free-association in mark making.

from The I that I Tell, (c)2012-2014 Jane Boyer one must never return, from The I that I Tell, (c)2012-2014 Jane Boyer


These are just a few of the works in a larger body of work called, The I that I Tell, exploring autobiography and simulacrum. We make simulacrum of ourselves every time we retell a story from our lives. This work explores some of the aspects of this transformation and the structures involved.

Jane is an American living in France working in the UK. Last year she won Arts Council England funding and private sponsorship from for touring project, This ‘Me’ of Mine. She is an artist, curator and writer engaged with issues of identity. Her latest work explores autobiography and simulacrum. Her work is held in private collections in The States, France, UK, Cyprus and Italy.

Artist Website


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