Premise Statement
©2014 Jane Boyer

Curated by Jane Boyer
by invitation from Hitomi Kammai

This exhibition is about the internal thought process made visible.

Boundaries are sites of exploration, conflict and sometimes trauma, especially when personal boundaries have been impinged. Sometimes we become trapped at a boundary site in a recursive struggle with our history – reliving a past which cannot be relived, trying to forge a future which will not be determined. But it is this very act of contemplating a history which brings the self into being.

“There is a self wherever a furtive contemplation has been established…the self does not undergo modifications, it is itself a modification…one is only what one has…the domain of modifications, tropisms and little peculiarities. In all its component fatigues, in all its mediocre auto-satisfactions, in all its derisory presumptions, in its misery and its poverty, the dissolved self still sings…of that which it contemplates, contracts and possesses.”
Gilles Deleuze[1]

Deleuze isn’t speaking of material possessions here; he’s talking about our thoughts, relationships, habits, mannerisms and idiosyncrasies – all those things we ‘own’ as part of our selves. This includes histories and boundaries. This exhibition explores these kinds of “furtive contemplations”, these personal modifications of self and the necessary internal process of repetition we all go through to process and move beyond our history.

“We don’t repeat because we repress, we repress because we repeat.”[2]

The artists in this exhibition are not directly concerned with this recursive process in their work, meaning their work is not necessarily about this topic. However, the work in this exhibition shows evidence of this process in action. In essence, this exhibition looks at the thought process involved in the artists’ internal processing of a personal history. These are examples of how the contemplation of self becomes visible through the artwork.

Exhibiting Artists: Hitomi Kammai, Ant Pearce, Jane Boyer, Simon Fell, Susan Francis




[1] Deleuze, Gilles, Difference and Repetition, London: Continuum International Publishing Group, 2004. p.100

[2]Ibid. p.130


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