‘Melted Moon’ at Hatched Gallery

Hitomi Kammai (c)2014 at The Other Art FairAfter a successful show at The Other Art Fair, Hitomi is having a solo exhibition at Hatched Gallery in London called MELTED MOON.

Melted Moon explores our relationship to the destructive within creativity. Her ‘dented’ or ‘crater’ paintings are the result of simultaneous destruction in her creative acts. For each stroke and gesture of her brush, the ground is bitten into and eaten away by the paint. These works are a response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster she witnessed from a distance, not knowing at the time, the fate of her family and friends in Japan.

Hitomi will also give a performance from 4pm on 18th May.

Performance: Rain, 15 mins
The combination of a live painting by Hitomi Kammai and a video by Yuko Yama. The painting is connected to a computer through sensors in order to produce sounds upon each drop of paint. The show will continue till 1st June.


Private View Sun 18th May, 2-6pm
18 May to 1 June

Hatched Gallery
Address: Southwark Studios
Rich House, 4th Floor,
40 Crimscott St, London, SE1 5TE

Please visit the Hatched Gallery website for more details:



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